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The Classify Of Deutz Generator Sets 2013-09-30

Deutz company is the world famous independent manufacturer of diesel generating set, deutz has a reputation for the air-cooled diesel engine in the world, and in the early 90 s, the company has developed a new water-cooled engine (1011, 1012, 1013, 1015, etc. the products with a series of significant advantages of advanced, efficient, reliable, energy saving, environmental protection. It is with functions of inlet flow, and can well adapt to the plateau, high altitude.

deutz generator set

Deutz generator set has reliable performance, good quality, small volume, low fuel consumption, 10 ~ 1760 kw power range. The structure design is reasonable, the performance is reliable and excellent, the working life is long, the use is economic, the operation and maintenance is convenient, and it has  strong environment adaptability and high reliability, wide application and little vibration, low noise, good low-temperature start.

The engine cooling system is divided into two kinds: water-cooled engines and air-cooled engine. Air Cooled Engine is with Air as cooling medium of the Engine, it relies on fan produce wind power,and guide the direction of the wind through the wind cover to take away the heat from the burning of the Engine cylinder. The engine structure has the following features: one is outside the cylinder liner is processed into heat sink, to increase the cooling area and increase the cooling effect; the other is that there is equipped with airtight enclosures wind outside, to minimize the loss of the wind. Motorcycle use air-cooled engine, more modern car use water more. But it has its drawbacks as well as, the cylinder block and cylinder head stiffness, vibration, the noise is big, and easy to overheat.

Water-cooled engines is the engine with water or water as the main component of antifreeze as cooling medium. It on the inner wall of the cylinder and the cylinder head casting out some channels for water circulation, and outside there is  special radiator. It has the advantage of cylinder block and cylinder head good rigidity, small vibration, low noise, it is not easy to overheating. So it is adopted by most modern cars. Its disadvantage is that the structure is complicated, the quality is heavier, it need often added coolant, cold start is slow, and it is not easy to move.

Deutz diesel generators have achieved rapid development in China. It is mainly used in petroleum, China petrochemical, China citic group and other domestic famous enterprises, and many of the city sewage treatment project. It can provide the  medium-duty truck, light vehicle, bus, engineering machinery, and other areas of the different demand with higher content of science and technology, the specialized degree stronger power products.